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Make a debut with us!

We will prepare MVP (Minimum Viable Product) of your application, meaning a base version ready to debut on iOS, Android or as a web browser app.

Thanks to the MVP version of your app you can realize your business idea with a relatively humble budget. Testing your idea on the market in form of the MVP is a crutial part before further investments.

I have an idea...what next?

Contracting a big softwarehouse to design your app usually requires having a big budget, often exceeding 50 thousand euros. Moreover many companies do not accept orders from smaller businesses.

These conditions often prove to be discouraging to young, aspiring enterpreneurs. We are a creative and experienced team capable of delivering a quality product for a price considerably lower than in big softwarehouses. Thanks to GrowApp your start to the market is much easier.


Production cycle of your application starts with specifying base functionality to be included in the MVP version. We will offer our suggestions concerning technologies used and cost optimalisation.

Next, we will prepare an extensive visual identity of your product i.e. logotype, app icon, color scheme and a preferred style of the app's UI.

The final part of the process is implementing the app on iOS, Android or web browsers. During the production cycle we are using leading technologies on the mobile market as well as cutting edge visual effects and software testing techniques.

Thanks to Trello platform our clients can track the progress of our work as well as post their own comments.


We provide a complex configuration of the App Store, Google Play Store accounts as well as promotional screenshots and an optional landing page design.

Our work is concluded by handing a carefully formatted, quality code alongside a written documentation so that a further development of the app is very easy.

We answer the demands


You've got two options - go to the softwarehouse, but prepare yourself for some serious expenses or you could find a student who can do the job cheaper. Beware...In that case you have no guarantee of quality or maintenance.


Prepare 100k for a start. Regardless of the differences between the apps the entry cost is very often similar. Softwarehouse owner estimates them at around 150-200k.


By working with a smaller company we can find some savings compared to the bigger ones, while providing flexibility that big softwarehouses cannot afford.

Evaluate your app

Project includes:

  • How does the evaluation process look like?

    After filling the evaluation form and sending it to us we will start the process of estimating the cost of implementing your app. Usually it takes up to 2 work days.

    The cost of your app depends on several factors such as complexity, number of screens or the technologies involved.

    As a result we will send you a price range in which the production cost should fit. The exact amount will be deducted after more detailed talks.

  • What kind of server architecture should I choose?

    The choice of your app's backend architecture depends primarily on its functionality and the size of your budget.

    Applications that do not require user authentication or downloading / uploading data from a remote database do not need its own server architecture. It helps lowering the costs and time of the production process.

    For applications that do require their users to log in yet use remote data sporadically (for example saving a training plan or user settings) we sugest using a ready to go, BAAS (Backend As A Service) platforms such as Google's Firebase or Amazon Web Service. It is a substantially cheaper and easier to implement solution which proves to be sufficient in many use cases.

    Apps requiring frequent server connection or non standard qualities of their database should use a dedicated backend architecture. Our servers are prepared with leading technologies such as PHP7, node.js, PostgreSQL or MongoDB.

    Extending your app with a web-based administration panel is connected with higher costs but also provides the highest flexibility and scalability of the system.

  • How long does the production process take?

    Production time of your app depends mainly on its level of complexity. In case of simple, serverless apps, the process can take up to a month.

    More complex applications with a dedicated server, advanced backend logic and an administration panel require a much greater workload and can take several months to produce.

  • What does the production process look like?

    After a brief evaluation (estimating the price of your app) we arrange e-mail / telephone / skype / or face-to-face meeting with you. During the meeting we discuss the details of your idea as well as the range of functionality that your app's MVP should incorporate.

    In order to protect your idea, we suggest signing an NDA (Non Disclosure Aggreement) with our clients. After arranging the detailed of your project w devide the work into separately evaluated stages, such as:

    • preparing visual identity of the app
    • implementing frontend of the app for iOS, Android or web browsers
    • backend integration
    • test phase
    • distribution and documentation

    You can track the progress of our work via a Trello board. The production process ends with publishing your application in the App Store / Google Play as well as handing to you the source codes, documentation an copyrights to the app.